20/21 Moodle sites now available

The 20/21 Moodle course and unit sites are available and can be found on your Moodle Dashboard.

20/21 Moodle sites are now available on your dasboard.

Missing sites? Some sites, particularly new Units, may not yet be available. Moodle sites are created automatically from SITS data. If any of your sites are missing please contact your PAM to check that is exists on SITS. PAMs can also enrol staff on sites.

New Moodle Unit Guide

The LCC Digital Learning team has also produced a new design guide with resources for creating and planning your unit sites.

In 2019, LCC introduced a simple set of Moodle templates based on four design principles.

  1. Logical: Topic areas should be organized weekly or thematically.
  2. Predictable: Content should be easy to find and familiar to use.
  3. Accessible: Pages should adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
  4. Mobile friendly: Activities and resources must adapt and display on a variety of devices.

The same principles apply this year, but we have made some improvements to the user interface. For example, 20/21 units only require one administrative topic area, Unit Discussions and Information, and instead of displaying all content on one continuous page, the new layout only shows a summary of each topic area (see illustration below).

Topic areas can be accessed by clicking on their title.

This new layout reduces scrolling and makes it easier to navigate the page. It is particularly beneficial to staff with many sections on their unit sites. When a student clicks on a topic they are immediately taken to a new page containing the content for that area (see illustration below).

The content of each topics area is displayed on a separate page which students can view by clicking on a topic title. This example shows ‘Week 1- Semiotics.’

The Staff Guide to: Moodle Unit Sites 20/21 is particularly focused on the accessible and efficient use of space. To help you achieve this goal, the guide highlights different Moodle tools and resources that can be used to organise and consolidate learning materials.

The guide also describes nearly a dozen learning activities you can run through Moodle as well as how and when to use them.

Guides and Training

Guides: The Staff Guide to: Moodle Unit Sites 20/21 (PDF) and the companion guides: Preparing Unit Guides & Preparing Unit Assignments are all available on the Hub on Teaching and Learning Resources.

Additional Moodle guides can be found on UAL Teaching Online.

Training: Blend-it: activating blended learning, our Moodle course on digital pedagogy, was created using the same layout as the example above. It is currently available for self-study on your Moodle Dashboard. We recommend viewing the site to see how it was constructed and the activities it models.

A full training programme of live sessions covering all of UAL’s digital learning platforms will run in September & October, 2020. Dates and sign-up sheets will be released at the end of August / early September.

If you do not have access to Blend-it: Activating digital learning and would like to join the site please contact Lee Leewis or Puiyin Wong at LCCDigitalLearning@lcc.arts.ac.uk.

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