Blended learning events and courses (July)

Blended learning events and courses (July)
Jessy Heikrujam studying

As part of staff development month there are a large number of scheduled sessions over the coming weeks and an online course for LCC staff focused on blended learning.

Update 27 July: Recordings of some sessions now available.

Photo of Jessy Heikrujam studying
Jessy Heikrujam studying

Scheduled Events

There are ten scheduled events over the next two weeks starting with the Digital Pedagogy Reading Group this afternoon. Other sessions include:

  • Designing Forum-based Learning Activities
  • Teaching with Video
  • Getting started with Collaborate Ultra

The programme includes an LCC Talking Teaching: Surfacing experiences of asynchronous and synchronous teaching and learning with examples from LCC colleagues.

Online course

We will be launching an online course (hosted in Moodle) next week. Blend-it: activating blended learning includes units on:

  • The Online Learner and Inclusivity
  • Blended Learning Models
  • Building Community and Engaging Students
  • Digital Accessibility
  • Creating an Online Learning Activity

All LCC staff that are subscribed to the Teaching Hub will be added as students to the course next week. Look out for the welcome message!

5 Comments on “Blended learning events and courses (July)

  1. Hello,

    I hope the ten digital learning events will be recorded and then made available asynchronously, as I inevitably have meetings clashing with some of these timings! Specifically the Teaching with video session. Thank you.

    • Hi Ellen, I think most will, but I’ll need to check with UAL Digital Learning who are running 8 of the ten. They usually record them. Today’s reading group won’t be as it is pre-dominantly breakout room discussion.

      • Hi Matt, I as Ellen, will find difficult doing it synchronously, and would love to hace acmes to the links to were they recorded. Many thanks, and thanks in advance

        • I will find out which were recorded and where the recordings are. It was being decided session-by-session depending on the nature of the session and the presenters’ preferences.

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