Digital Downtime: Moodle, AF, Turnitin, Workflow

Digital Downtime: Moodle, AF, Turnitin, Workflow

Assessment Feedback – July, 2020

The Assessment Feedback tool will be offline for 8 hours on Saturday, July 18th.

  • July 18: AF offline from 09:00 – 17:00
  • July 19: AF fully available

Moodle – July, 2020

The annual upgrade to Moodle will take place during the week beginning Monday 27 July. This will include essentials maintenance and functionality improvements.
[Link to previous News post]

  • July 27: Moodle offline from 17:00 (Upgrade)
  • July 28: Moodle offline all day (Upgrade)
  • July 29: Moodle available, read only (Testing)
  • July 30: Moodle fully available

Turnitin – August, 2020

Turintin will be unavailable for uploading or grading on the first of August.

  • August 1: Turnitin unavailable all day
  • August 2: Turnitin fully available

Workflow – September, 2020

Workflow will be unavailable from Monday, September 21 to September 23 as essential work is done to refresh the servers and infrastructure that underpin the platform. There will be no changes to Workflow itself. [Link to previous News post]

  • September 21: Workflow offline from 17:00
  • September 22: Workflow offline all day
  • September 23: Workflow available for testing purposes.
    • We do not recommend making any significant changes or edits during this time. 
  • September 24: Workflow fully available

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