Digital Learning Update

Digital Learning Update

All essential digital learning information will be on this site, indexed at Teaching Online.

Moodle Sites 2021-22

Moodle course and unit sites for 2021-22 are now available. Read Moodle Sites 2021-22 to find out how to access and prepare your Moodle sites.

Assignment Submissions 2021-22

Assignments must be collected online wherever possible. See Assignment Submissions 2021-22 for details.

Staff Development Sessions (13th-23rd)

A UAL digital learning programme of 17 online workshops will be complemented by digital learning sessions in LCC’s staff development programme (coming soon).

Recommended focus for 2021-22

We recommend prioritsing these three approaches for 2021-22 to provide your students with an inclusive online learning environment:

  1. Follow the Moodle Top Ten
  2. Plan some asynchronous learning activities
  3. Ensure your use of Moodle is digitally accessible

Changes in LCC Digital Learning Team

Two new colleagues but one departure, meet the LCC Team.

Hybrid Teaching

Hybrid teaching (teaching students on-site and students online simultaneously) isn’t supported across the campus. The College doesn’t have the capacity to provide students with a high-quality hybrid experience this year.

The recording of presentations / demonstrations is very much encouraged and supported by LCC Technical Resources (in-class recording, contact and LCC Digital Learning (online use of Panopto).

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