DigiPed: Digital Pedagogy Reading Group

The LCC Digital Pedagogy Reading Group (DigiPed) provides an opportunity for scholarly discussion around digital learning.

Hand-drawn visualisation of brainstorm

Brainstorm of where I am right now with my MRP MEd by gforsythe (CC BY 2.0)

What is Digital Pedagogy?  

The foundation of the group’s discussions will be this definition of digital pedagogy from the journal Hybrid Pedagogy

Digital Pedagogy is precisely not about using digital technologies for teaching and, rather, about approaching those tools from a critical pedagogical perspective.

So, it is as much about using digital tools thoughtfully as it is about deciding when not to use digital tools, and about paying attention to the impact of digital tools on learning.

What is Digital Pedagogy?, Hybrid Pedagogy journal

How does the group work? 

Since the pandemic started we have been operating as an online group In Collaborate. We aim to meet monthly during term-time. A reading or readings will be available a week or so before the session. In the meeting we break into groups for an open discussion around the reading and then share feedback with the wider group.

If you’re interesting in choosing a reading &/or facilitating a session please contact Matt Lingard (m.lingard@lcc.arts.ac.uk)

Next Meeting

The next meeting of DigiPed will be May 11, 2021. If you’ve suggestions for articles or topics please let Lee Leewis know (l.leewis@lcc.arts.ac.uk).

Reading: Online University Teaching During and After the Covid-19 Crisis: Refocusing Teacher Presence and Learning Activity

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