Lecture Recordings

There is a lecture recording service at LCC provided by the College’s AV team. Recordings can include audio, video and the computer screen. The recordings are made available to students via Replay – UAL Media Portal.

Lecture Theatres

There are two options in the lecture theatres:

  1. Automated – request an automated scheduled recording by sending a calendar invite to request.av@lcc.arts.ac.uk. The recording will start and stop automatically at the corresponding time.
  2. Manual – you can initiate a recording in the lecture theatre using the lecture recording panel on the lectern, please see instructions below.

Microphones – each lecture theatre has a lectern microphone or lapel microphones. 

Lecture Recording Panel

Use the panel to start, stop and pause recordings. There are two recording options.

  1. Internal Recorder: If you want the AV team to publish the recording to Replay press record on the panel and when finished press stop. Then contact the AV team via email with the Title of lecture, speaker name and course.
  2. Memory Stick: If you want to create a personal copy – for your own development or to publish elsewhere – then use a memory stick. Insert the stick and wait for the green light to stop flashing and press record. Press stop to finish, wait for the green light to stop flashing then remove your memory stick. 

Other rooms

In classrooms where there is no permanent lecture recording system, the AV team can assist and set-up the necessary equipment. This can be requested by contacting the AV team via a calendar invite on request.av@lcc.arts.ac.uk. Please include: Room, Title of lecture, Speaker’s name and Course.

Publishing recordings

The AV team publish recordings on Replay – UAL Media Portal. Recordings can be public, UAL only (login) or require a password. The AV team will provide the web address of the published recording. It can be shared with students by adding it to Moodle.

Policy & Guidelines

The University is producing a policy and guidance relating to the use of lecture recording. Please contact Matt Lingard (m.lingard@lcc.arts.ac.uk) if you have any questions.