Early access to Panopto

Early access to Panopto

Panopto is UAL’s a new digital learning platform for recording and publishing educational video. It will be availble via Moodle from August but for interested staff early access will be possible later this month.

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What is Panopto?

Panopto can be used to record and host video and audio recordings. It can be used to make audio / webcam video / screen recordings on any computer and to record presentations and demonstrations in teaching rooms. It will be integrated with Moodle so that recordings are shared with specific groups of students.

Existing video files can also be uploaded to Panopto and it can be used to collect video submissions from students.

We will be rolling out the Panopto video platform on a limited basis for the autumn term. One of the main reasons for introducing the platforin the longer term is to record campus-based teaching sessions for students to review at their own pace.

However, Panopto is a broader ‘educational video’ platform. Given the COVID related limitations for on-campus activity in the autumn term it is useful to outline what we envisage the platform can be best used for in the short term:

  1. Aiding in the production and distribution of video-based teaching content created off-site and shared with students to frame synchronous online or face-to-face sessions in a ‘flipped’ mode.
  2. Distributing video clips that articulate specific creative processes or content intended for critical reflection or discussion. These could be produced on-site (when the campus re-opens) or from home.

How to get early access

Update 17/08/2020: Panopto is now available via Moodle.

If you would like use Panopto before 10 August you will need to request Creator access

Support for using Panopto

There will be minimal support for Panopto in the early stages; it is a new platform for the LCC digital learning staff too. Greater guidance and training will be available in September. In the interim if you want to try Panopto you’ll need to rely on the help material within the platform but do contact us if you have any urgent questions.

Policy for video recordings

A Lecture Capture and Educational Video working group has been formed to develop a holding policy for the autumn term which will clarify the sharing and retention of video-based teaching content. I am LCC’s representative on that group.

For now, if in any doubt, please only share content with those students who would have had access to the face-to-face equivalent. It is also important to inform students that video content should not be distributed beyond the Panopto platform. 

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