In case you missed it: Staff Development September 12th – 23rd

From the 12th to the 23rd of September, the LCC Digital Learning team organised four live workshops as part of the LCC staff development fortnight. The sessions were on the theme of ‘preparing for the start of term’ and included sessions on

  1. A digital learning induction
  2. Using Panopto to record, share, and edit your videos
  3. Tips and tricks for improving the navigation and appearance of your Moodle sites
  4. Enhancing the accessibility of your Documents

If you’re interested in learning more about these sessions, check out the summaries and a few of the recordings below.

Digital Learning Induction

In this session, Anu Roy briefly outlined some of the key digital learning systems that our team supports and provides training on. This includes Moodle, Panopto, MyBlog, Workflow, Padlet, Miro, Teams and others.

If you have questions about one or more of these tools or would like to arrange an induction for yourself or your team, please don’t hesitate to contact us –

Preparing your Videos

This is a workshop was for anyone who makes and shares recordings with their students. During the session, Anu Roy covered the basics of recording, editing, and sharing videos using Panopto, UAL’s principal video content tool. She covered important questions like how can I enable Panopto on my Moodle sites, how can I share last year’s recording with incoming students, and how can I organise my recordings into folders and playlists.

If you plan on recording your sessions or sharing videos this term, check out our ‘how-to’ Panopto video playlist, or if your course uses video for assessment get in touch to discover how Panopto can enable students submissions of up to 2GBs.

Preparing your Moodle sites

First impressions are key to a successful first term, and having a well-presented Moodle site can go a long way to creating a great first impression with your students. In his 1 hour workshop, Lee Leewis demonstrated how, with a few simple tips and tricks, you can significantly enhance the look and feel of your Moodle site. He also introduced a brand-new resource – the Student FAQ Moodle book – which consolidates all the potential questions your students may ask you in one hany resource that can be embedded into any Moodle site.

Watch a recording of Lee’s session on Blackboard Collaborate, or get in touch with Lee Leewis to learn how you can enhance the appearance and navigation of your sites.

Preparing your documents

LCC’s average accessibility score on Ally was approximalely 80% last academic year. Our goal for this year is to raise this to 90%! In this session, Sheila Smith got started on this goal by showing attendees how to use ALLY, the university’s accessibility checker, to improve Word documents, PDFs, and PowerPoints. She focused on the BIG 3:

  1. Using alternative text in images
  2. Using heading styles in documents
  3. Tagging sections in your PDFs

In the future, we plan to run more indepth sessions on Word, PowerPoint, and Adobe. To learn more about this, you can find more resources about accessibility on the LCC teaching hub.

LCC’s VR Action Research Group

In the second meeting of the VR Action Research Group, teachers, support technicians, and academic support teams met to form groups and design a VR-based learning activity they can run with students. The group will continue to meet regularly share feedback, discuss the student experience, and find ways to enhance the use of VR in education. With input from learners and members, the group plans to offer recommendations for making the VR experience more at the college.

If you are interested in joining, you can access the VR Action Research Group Teams Page to learn and get involved in future events and meetings.

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