March ’22 Staff Development programme – Digital Learning

March ’22 Staff Development programme – Digital Learning
Joining an online session

LCC Digital Learning team is pleased to announce 6 new workshops for the March ’22 Staff Development fornight running March 17-25th.

View the full schedule of events and sign-up to attend through the PDF below.

LCC Sessions

London College of Communication

Thursday March 17th, 2022

Editing in Panopto (11.00-12.00)

(Microsoft Teams) In this session we will look at the editing options available in Panopto which will help customise how you use the platform. We will cover how the basics of how to edit your video, how to add web links, how to embed YouTube clips and how these features can best be used in your practice. 

Dr. Ally (13.00-14.00)

(Microsoft Teams) In this session, we will learn about Blackboard Ally, a digital accessibility checker, what it can do, how it works, and compete in groups to solve common accessibility errors in a virtual escape room challenge.

New features in Microsoft Teams (15.00 – 16.00)

(Microsoft Teams) In this session we will look at 3 new functions in MS teams including the whiteboard, Q&A App and Microsoft loop. We’ll discuss how to set them up and how they can be used for teaching and learning. Please make sure you have the app version of teams and have run updates before the session.  

Friday March 18th, 2022

Recording lectures and demonstrations workshop (10.00-11.00)

(LCC T1101) In this session, Sheila Smith and Richard Coles deliver a hands-on workshop exploring and experimenting with the equipment you can use to record on-camous lectures or demonstrations.

Friday March 25th, 2022

Mastering asynchronous collaboration in Moodle (14.00 – 15.00)

(Microsoft Teams) In this session, we will be using 2-3 group tasks to learn about asynchronous collaborative learning. You will be able to learn about tools you may not have considered before in your practice which will enable you to teach with a more dynamic presence on Moodle and boost student engagement with the help of asynchronous activities. 

Media School open workshop (10.00 – 11.00)

(Microsoft Teams) This session follows up on micro staff development resources shared with the media school that covered, using whiteboard in Teams, Accessibility Checkers and basic Panopto editing. This is a Q&A session rather than a demonstration session.  

UAL Sessions

UAL Holborn Campus

There are several digital learning sessions running in the UAL-wide programme, see UAL Digital Learning sessions on Canvas. The following ones are delivered in partnership with LCC digital learning:

If you have any questions, please contact LCC Digital Learning.

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