March Reading Group

March Reading Group

The next Digital Pedagogy Reading Group will focus on Digital Feedback. It’s on Monday 23rd March, 15.30-16.30 at LCC.

Got Feedback? Alan Levine (CC BY 2.0)


Booking is essential to attend the Reading Group. You will be rewarded with coffee, tea, biscuits and chocolate. Book your place.

The Readings

There are two readings for this meeting. The first is a literature review of the research around assesmment practices that make use of digital technologies. It’s from a few years ago but provides a good broad introduction. The second is a recently published journal article focused on digital feedback

Reading 1

Oldfield, A. et al (2012) Assessment in a digital age  (Chapters 4 & 5, PDF)
-Chapter 4: Using digital technologies for different types of assessment
-Chapter 5. What do digital technologies offer assessment? The good and the bad

Reading 1 is only Chapters 4 + 5 (PDF) (from the full article, Assesment in a Digital Age (PDF))

Reading 2

Elshaer, A. et al (2020) ‘Students’ perceptions of the value of electronic feedback—Does disciplinary background really matter?‘ (PDF) British Journal of Educational Technology, vol.51, issue 2, pp590-606

If you have any problems accessing either reading please contact Matt (

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