Moodle Sites 2021-22

Moodle Sites 2021-22

There are two types of Moodle sites for most LCC Courses:

  1. A course site for key information and communication
  2. Individual unit sites for teaching resources and activities

Most Moodle sites for 2021-22 were created in July. Courses or units being taught for the first time in 2021-22, including units with modified names, are initially hidden and need to be unhidden by the PAMs in the Moodle Admin tool.

Staff access

Staff need to be enrolled on a site to view and edit it. Staff enrollments from 2020-21 will automatically carry over to 2021-22.

Courses or units being taught for the first time in 2021-22, including units with modified names, initially have no staff automatically enrolled. Staff needing access to new sites have to be enrolled by the PAMs or by staff who are already enrolled in the site (using the Moodle Admin Tool).

Missing Moodle sites?

If you are missing any Moodle sites on your Moodle Dashboard please contact your PAM who will be able to enrol you.

Student Access

Students are automatically enrolled on Moodle sites based on their SITS record. Students are added to 2021-22 Moodle sites after they have fully enrolled online with the University.

Preparing Moodle sites

Moodle site content is created and edited by course teams.

Some formal documents, e.g. Course Handbooks & Unit Assignments, are uploaded by the PAMs and Programme Administrators. Assignment submission tools are also prepared by them.

Moodle Top Ten

The Moodle Top Ten are suggestions for making Moodle more intuitive and inclusive for students, and lower-maintenance for staff.

Importing content

Resources (e.g. Files, Pages, Folders etc) can be copied from one Moodle course to another using the Import tool. Importing Activities (e.g. Turnitin Assignments, Forums etc) is not reccommended.

Moodle Unit Guide

The Staff Guide to Moodle Unit sites (on the Teaching and Learning Resources page) provides further guidance on creating functional, accessible, and mobile-friendly Moodle sites. Note: the guide is labelled 20-21 but is still valid for 2021-22.

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