Prepare for Blended Delivery with RASE

RASE (Resources, Activities, Support and Evaluation) is a simple framework to assist in the development of online learning experiences. It is a particularly useful tool for mapping the online component of blended learning next term.

What is RASE?

RASE stands for Resources, Activities, Support and Evaluation. The RASE framework outlines the four dimensions of effective online learning spaces that enable students to meet learning outcomes.

  • Resources: content, materials, or tools students use to complete an activity
  • Activities: any active learning experience in which students develop understanding, test ideas, and apply knowledge.
  • Support: the pedagogical, administrative, and technical assistance tutors or peer groups perform in order to help students develop their learning and independence.
  • Evaluation: any formative or summative assessment of a student’s work by their tutor or their peers.

Read more about RASE and the four components or watch a UAL presentation about RASE delivered by Sheldon Chow, LCF’s Head of Digital Learning.

How can I use RASE?

You can use RASE to reflect on and plan your whole unit or consider it week-by-week. Use the resources above and this template to guide you, RASE Template:
PDF version or Editable PPT version

March – Digital Learning Staff Development

On March 15 from 14:00 – 15:00 Jhon Benavides ran a session on RASE and it’s application to Moodle. Use the link below to watch the recordings.

Watch the RecordingDate & Time
Adapting your curriculum for teaching using  MoodleMon 15 Mar, 2-3pm


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