The Open Forum – Presence and performance in the virtual classroom

Elvis Presley Jail House Rock, by Pixabay

Wednesday, May 19th 15.00-16.00, Collaborate Ultra.

The next Digital Learning Open Forum will focus on tools and techniques to project personality into our online lessons and how we can encourage students to do the same.

The event will include talks and activities led by members of the LCC Digital Learning Team and attendees will have a chance to try multiple games and learning exercises that could be adapted to their own teaching.

The forum will also be an opportunity to discuss challenging subjects like the use of cameras (on or off?) and strategies for developing online presence.

We’ll be using Garrison & Vaughn’s Community of Inquiry model and the three forms of presence – Social, Cognitive & Teaching – to frame our discussion. If you’re not familiar with the Community of Inquiry you can watch this short 4 minute YouTube video.


Lee Leewis, Senior Digital Learning Coordinator

  • The misunderstood whiteboard

Peter Beare, Digital Learning Producer

  • Bringing personality to the online classroom

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