This section of the LCC Teaching Hub provides information about LCC projects aimed at developing anti-racist teaching and learning practices and cultures, in alignment with UAL’s Anti-Racism Action Plan.

Curriculum Decolonisation

A number of projects have taken place at LCC in recent years to help make our curricula more inclusive and representative of diverse cultures and practices, and for curricula to be more actively anti-racist and decolonial. Read about some of this work here.


Since April 2020, current LCC students and recent graduates have played an active role in co-developing anti-racist, decolonised curricula and teaching practices with course teams. Read more about them here.

Decolonising Wikipedia Network

In addition to decolonising curricula, LCC students and staff are extending their knowledge activism into the public realm, as members of the Decolonising Wikipedia Network, co-facilitated by Lucy Panesar and the LCC Changemakers in partnership with Wikimedia UK.

Anti-racism staff-development Teams site

In July 2020, LCC hosted a month-long anti-racism staff development programme. A Teams site was set up to support this and to allow for learning to continue beyond the month. The site now has over 260 staff members who use the site to share information and resources. Click this link to request access to the site or email  

Safety & Freedom Reading Group

From July 2020 to July 2021, LCC hosted a reading group to address the increasing challenge staff face in reconciling safeguarding duties with freedom of expression. The reading group was co-facilitated by Lucy Panesar and Pratap Rughani and made space for academic staff to explore this in relation to selected texts. The group met for the last time in July 2021 and passed on resources and suggestions to UAL senior management to take forward. You can download below the slides from the final meeting, which provides a summary of the texts read by the group and scenarios discussed.