Padlet is an online pin board or canvas that can be used by individuals or groups as a scrapbook, portfolio, noticeboard, mind map, blog or discussion forum.

It is the same tool as the free but with additional features:

  • Unlimited Padlets
  • Larger file uploads (250MB per file)
  • UAL log in for privacy

Accessing UAL Padlet

UAL staff and students both have the same level of access to UAL Padlet. There are no additional permissions or functions for staff.

Log in to your Padlet Dashboard to access your Padlets, make new Padlets, update your account information and get help:

  1. Go to:
  2. Select ‘Log in with Microsoft’ and log in with your UAL username and password.

UAL Teaching Online have 2 guides to Padlet; Padlet: Introducing, sharing and importing and Teaching examples and Data Protection.

 If you would like training, additional support or have any questions about Moodle, please email, or explore the links below.

  • 3 creative ways to use Padlet
    Padlet is a highly visual, collaborative tool a lot like a virtual cork board. Users can upload images, audio, and video and create an environment rich with shared resources. It is very useful for both synchronous and asychronous activities which can facilitate online learning. These can strengthen the connections between students and their teacher and
  • Learning with QR Codes
    QR code or Quick Response Code was developed In 1994, by Japanese company DENSO WAVE. This kind of barcode can be scanned by smart phones to link to a webpage. It’s also really easy to generate a QR code like the one in the main image for this article. If you scan it, you will
  • What’s new in Padlet?
    Padlet has introduced several new features in its Autumn update, a summary of which can be seen below. Content Creation and Organization: Over 100 new templates are available for you to choose from. Each template has pre-set sections and privacy settings, and comes with instructions on how to get the best use out of it.