Collaborate ULTRA

Collaborate ULTRA is a real time video conferencing tool used for online classes and tutorials. It is great for online teaching, but it can also be used to host guest lectures, organise live discussions, create breakout spaces for group work, or pre-record lessons to share later with students.

Collaborate Ultra is part of Moodle. You create a Collaborate room by adding a Collaborate activity to the Moodle site your students are enrolled on.

You will be able to join the meeting 15 minutes before it starts in order to do any setting up. The join button will not appear until then, so don’t panic if you think it’s not working.

Staff and students will use the green ‘join session’ button to access Collaborate Ultra. What permissions they have in Collaborate will depend on their role in Moodle.

There are three roles in Collaborate Ultra – the Moderator, the Presenter, and the Participant. Which of these roles you start with depends on whether you joined as a tutor, a student, or a guest.

Students enter as participants, with access to the text chat area. Tutors enter as Moderators, with access to their camera, microphone, and presentation tools. Moderators can also record sessions, change session settings, or promote others to different roles like the Presenter, which has access to presentation tools but not session settings. The Presenter role is often reserved for guest speakers and student presentations.

If you would like training, additional support or have any questions about Collaborate, please email, or explore the links below.


A short GIF demonstrating how to create a Collaborate Ultra activity on your Moodle sites.


A short video demonstrating the student experience when joining a Collaborate session.

  • Latest features in Collaborate ULTRA
    Gallery view Collaborate Ultra has introduced a new way of viewing participants – the Gallery view. Gallery view allows Moderators, Presenters, and Participants to see up to 25 participants at a time or to zoom in on fewer videos. Attendees can also scroll through as many as 250 active cameras using arrows on the side
  • Students and Collaborate
    Setting-up meeting rooms for students, using Collaborate for tutorials & advice on careful use of the Collaborate Guest Login feature. Student Meeting Rooms Students have lots of places they can meet online but it is good to give them an option to meet in a UAL space too. You can add Collaborate rooms to your