Digital Learning – FAQs

What is the difference between Digital Learning central team and college team? – LL


Can the digital learning team enroll a student on Moodle?

No, the digital learning teams at LCC are not able to enroll students onto Moodle. You need to contact SITS by e-mailing them –

The main reason students are not appearing on Moodle is they have not completed their enrolment. You can check this with the student or Programme Administrators

Where do students go for support with UAL digital platforms? – AR

The Digital Learning Support Team at UAL have created specific guides for various platforms at UAL such as Workflow, Panopto and other platforms which can be accessed on Studying Online section.

Who do I contact to run training with my students on digital platforms? -AR

For any training queries with students on digital platforms you can contact Finn Kidd at the digital space at . You can find out more here about how to help students with digital platforms.

My student often has issues with large files when submission assessment. How do I get help with this? – LL


Where to I get help with using the UAL digital platforms?

E-mail the LCC digital learning team – to organize training on UAL platforms.

Take a look at our staff development training menu to discover what we can offer. Training can be individual, small groups or course or Programme teams.

You can access the platform pages for guidance on signing up for Miro, Myblog, Workflow and Padlet.

How do I organize my Moodle page so it’s not a scroll of death? -LL

Why is the plagiarism score at 100% on Turn it in? – AR

A 100% match means the assignment has previously been submitted to Turn it in. This can happen if the student is making a re-submission of their work and the file had already been submitted to the Turn it in database. This could be a student error – they submitted to another assignment area by mistake, or a re-submission of work after a previous failed mark. A 100% match might also indicate collusion or copying an essay from a student from a previous year or another institution.

Where to I get the equipment for lecture capture?

Students find lecture capture really useful. Here is our guide on how to use lecture capture and why lecture capture is important. To book equipment contact – LCC Learning Technology Support team –

Over this academic year there will be improvements to lecture capture in rooms across the LCC campus. We will update with the developments.