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Moodle Rollover 2024 – FAQ

Moodle Rollover – What is it?

Rollover is when all the new Moodle sites are set up for next academic year. This is based off the course data give by quality.

When does roll over happen?

9th – 10th July – Moodle Downtime for upgrades and updates.

15th – 16th July – New sites rolled out

15th July – 26th July – Checking of hierarchy/structure/ mapping and staff enrolment

26th July – Staff can access sites

29th July– Students will start being enrolled

5th August – Assessment Feedback Data Rollover

Will the Moodle site be empty?

Yes, all new Moodle sites are empty. They have not been set up with any format or information. It is up to course leaders to manage how the pages will be populate and content maintained.

How can I import the material and format from the previous year?

Course material is not imported as default. You can either follow the guide on importing or ask CSAs or the digital learning team to support you in this process.

Once you have imported the material then you need to do some housekeeping:

The format of the Moodle site will be copied over as part of the importing process. If you want to make any changes to the format then please contact us. The UAL Template is still being tested and is not ready for rolling out.

What if my Moodle Site is not there?

This could be to do with the structure and hierarchy. Sometimes the information doesn’t come across right or the page was a bespoke page and needs to be set up manually. Or the page is hidden and needs to be manually unhidden. Please report this to the Digital Learning team for investigation.

What if my course or unit hierarchy is wrong?

This could be a unit under year 2 when it should be year 1, or under a different unit course all together. Again, this is to do with the hierarchy and needs to be fixed manually.

Between the 15th – 26th July, we will be checking the hierarchy and mapping across the courses. Please allow us time to complete this process.

Report this to the Digital Learning team to be resolved after the checking period

Will I still have access to the old Moodle Site?

Yes, you should see them under a hierarchy tab for 23/24. If you want to be unenrolled from any previous year courses, then please contact the Digital Learning team.

How can staff get access to 24/25 Moodle Site?

If you taught on the unit or course during 23/24 then you should automatically be enrolled onto the 24/25 years site.

If this it is a new unit, or there has been a change to the name of the unit, then you will need to be enrolled. Course Leaders should contact the Digital Learning team with a list of names for enrolment.

If you are new to LCC, or have not taught on that course or unit before, then you will need to be enrolled. Please contact the Digital Learning team to be enrolled.

Course Support administrators can also help with enrolment of staff. 

Will there be any changes to Moodle this year?

There will be a new editor called TinyMCE. This will be replacing the Atto editor.

If my course page uses the Grid format will there still be issues?

We are not expecting any issues with the Grid format. Use these photoshop templates for creating new images for the tiles.

Please keep with in your current page format. If you want to make any changes then please contact us.

How can I set up groups for the new group of students?

Course pages will have the groups set up automatically. Unit groups will need to be set up manually. The course support admin teams will be able to help with this. If you need to set up groups here is some guidance.

Remember, students will only appear on Moodle if their enrolment is completed.

If I need help, where do I go?

If you need support, please contact the Digital Learning team –

Where do my students go for support in how to use Moodle?

If students need help with Moodle they should go the digital space – Digital Space will be running Moodle inductions alongside digital space inductions.

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