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Accessibility: Spring Clean Your Moodle Pages

The daffodils’ and the snow drops are out, but we don’t want our Moodle pages accessibilities scores to drop. During the spring break many of you will be uploading material for the summer term onto Moodle. Make sure you are checking your documents and making them as accessible as possible.

Power Points Presentations

Check out our guide: Make Accessibility a Habit: PowerPoint Presentations.

Word Documents

  • Run the accessibility checker.
  • Remember to use heading styles.
  • Add alternative text to any images.
  • Add headings to any tables.

See our guide: Make Accessibility a Habit: Word Documents for more tips on document layout.

If you are using Pages or Keynote we have some advice for those platforms as well.


  • Think if you really need to make the document or presentation into a PDF? It might be more accessible if left as the native document.
  • Check the document has a title.
  • Double check the language settings.
  • Generate tags.
  • Check the tags has a heading structure and change them if needed.
  • Double check any alternative text and read order.

Read our guide: Make Accessibility a Habit: PDFs.


If you use Adobe InDesign for creating documents then we recommend you visit this course on LinkedIn Learning – Accessible PDFs – InDesign Tutorial. As a staff member at UAL you will be able to access this module on LinkedIn Learning for free.

Ally Score

  • Check the Ally score for the document by looking at the meters next to the resource.
  • Make any changes that are being flagged up to the document or presentation.
  • Check the Ally score for the course or unit page. Keep in the Green. Aim for 95%

Look at our guide: Ally: Digital Accessibility in Moodle to help you keep your resources and Moodle page accessible.

If you need any help, or need to book a 1 to 1 accessibility session, then please contact the Digital Learning Team –

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