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Integrated Dictation Tools

Dictation or speech to text is often a forgotten about tool. If you or your students are visually impaired or you find it useful to verbally express your thoughts or for notetaking, then it’s worth exploring dictation tools.

It can also be used for giving formative feedback on word and presentation documents.   

Most dictation tools are integrated into different applications. We are going to look at how dictation works in Microsoft applications including in Teams. Apple applications Pages and Key Note and Google applications which may also be popular with students.  

Microsoft Applications  

Locate the dictation tool icon integrated in the following applications;   

  • Word – This is in the home menu ribbon. You also now have an option to transcribe from an audio file
  • PowerPoint  – This is also in the home menu ribbon. You can select language. You will be able to add dictation on slides as well as note section.
  • One Note  – This is also in the home menu ribbon. You can select the language.
  • Outlook  – With outlook the tool is in the message menu ribbon. When you click on the icon a microphone will pop up for you to tap in order to start recording.


In the ecosystem of Teams you can access Word, OneNote and PowerPoint in the files section and use if you were using these applications outside of teams.  

If you or your students are a Dragon user you can import the commands for Teams which will let you use dictation more freely within the application.  

Pages and Key Note

Pages and Key Note access the Dictation tool in the same way. Go to the edit menu  and select “Start Dictation” from the menu. When the microphone appears, start speaking. To add punctuation, speak its name (for example, comma or apostrophe).  Click Done below the microphone when you’ve finished. 

Google Applications

In google dictation is called ‘Voice Type’ and is under the tools menu. This is the same for Google Docs and Google slides. In google slides you need can only ‘Voice Type’ in the notes section.  

If you or your student require support with dictation and speech to text tools, please contact the assistive technology

If you as a member of staff would like to find out more about how dictation can be use in Pedagogical practice, contact the digital learning team at LCC –  LCC Digital Learning

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