Moodle is UAL’s virtual learning environment (VLE). It helps students manage their learning by providing structured information about their course and their assessments. Moodle is where students go to participate in online discussions, join synchronous online sessions, and find materials that support their learning and independent study time as well as submit assessments. It is also where staff go to communicate with their students, upload learning materials, and create their course’s online presence.

There are four types of Moodle sites – the School site, the Course Site, Unit sites, and Community sites. These are accessible through your Moodle dashboard. To view your Moodle dashboard, log into with your UAL login details.

An example of a Moodle Page
An example of a Moodle Course page

Staff are responsible for preparing their Moodle sites every year at the start of term. To help you prepare your Moodle sites, we have consolidated our advice in 10 simple principles known as our Moodle Top Ten where you can also download advice on how to ensure your Moodle sites are navigable, accessible, mobile friendly, and visually appealing.

  • If you are missing any of your Moodle sites, please contact your Course Support Assistant (CSA) for help. Your course leader should be able to provide you with your CSA’s contact details.
  • Students who are missing one or more Moodle sites as part of their course should raise a HelpDesk request with and include 1) their student ID 2) The name of their course , and 3) the name of the missing sites.



This video demonstrates how to cutomise & navigate your Moodle Dashboard and our Moodle basics videos.

This video is aimed at students, but will give new staff a tour of key features.

  • Moodle Rollover 2024 – FAQ
    Moodle Rollover – What is it? Rollover is when all the new Moodle sites are set up for next academic year. This is based off the course data give by quality. When does roll over happen? 9th – 10th July – Moodle Downtime for upgrades and updates. 15th – 16th July – New sites rolled
  • Moodle Reports
    Moodle has a number of inbuilt reports that you can use to gather information such as: Detailed accessibility information Course participation Activity usage General student engagement Reports can be accessed by going to the Course Menu > Reports. From here you will see a number or reports that can be run. Accessibility report This will
  • Moodle Tools for Displaying Images
    Images on Moodle pages can set the tone and context of a unit. Also, they can be used for critical analysis and examples for ideation or inspiration. Some programme areas need to be able to bring their subject alive with images.   This post focuses on different Moodle tools to allow for galleries of images rather than having
  • Accessibility: Make your Moodle site accessible
    As we work on the accessibility of our documents and PDF’s we should also take some time to look at the Moodle site itself. In this post we will talk your through what to think about to boost the inclusiveness of the page. This includes: Recite Me Format Atto text editor Images Recite Me First,
  • Moodle Autumn Clean
    It’s almost the start of a new term. Your Moodle sites have been rolled over, and it’s now the perfect time to have an Autumn (Spring) clean! It’s easy to use Moodle as a repository for your files, but over the years this can lead to a lot of content that is either out of