Think of Panopto as a YouTube for your course. It’s a video library that links to your Moodle pages. You can link and embedded lecture capture and other educational videos.

Panopto Block on Moodle page

To log into Panopto follow this link and sign in with your normal UAL log in. –

You will have your own folder which you can record to, copy and move from. Each Moodle page will have a corresponding Panopto folder.

You will need to provision your Moodle page with Panopto. Once this is done you should have a block on your Moodle page.

We can provide training on Panopto from recording to editing and adding additional learning content such as quizzes. You might also find useful our range of short how to videos.

If you would like training, additional support or have any questions about Panopto, please email, or explore the links below.

Using Panopto – Play List

Panopto is a video recording, editing, and sharing platform. As well as how to use more advanced features such as adding slides, quizzes and webpages.

  • Educational Videos : Sharing Good Practise
    Panopto is UAL’s video sharing platform. It’s where we can host our educational videos and link them to our Moodle sites. There has been some good practice and examples of types of educational videos across LCC during 22/23. The benefits for students is being able to recall the information, having guidance they can replay, being
  • Recording & sharing video for blended learning
    Video is playing an important role in facilitating blended learning this year and the University has implemented a new platform – Panopto – to support this. Video in this context includes screen recordings as well as videos of people. During 2020-21 there will be a greater use of video for: Pre-recorded short presentations, lectures and
  • Using Panopto for blended learning videos
    We have a new digital learning platform – Panopto – making it easier to create audio, video &/or screen recordings and publish them to your Moodle sites. Video recordings are going to play an important role in facilitating blended learning this term. In particular: Pre-recording short presentations / lectures / summaries / explanations as part