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Using Panopto for blended learning videos

We have a new digital learning platform – Panopto – making it easier to create audio, video &/or screen recordings and publish them to your Moodle sites.

Video recordings are going to play an important role in facilitating blended learning this term. In particular:

  • Pre-recording short presentations / lectures / summaries / explanations as part of an asynchronous approach.
  • Adding ‘personality’ to Moodle sites to help build a sense of community: short welcome videos for example.

Panopto Overview

Panopto is both an online platform and downloadable software that can be used to create, edit and share videos via Moodle. It can also be used to collect audio and video files from students.

Watch Intro to: Panopto on Panopto

Get Started

Panopto is available now. The platform is accessed directly at where you login as a Viewer and download the software. To get Creator rights, which are needed for editing, settings and publishing you will first need to enable it in your Moodle site (by adding the Panopto block). Further details in the UAL guidance material (see below).

Training & Support

UAL Guidance material on using Panopto will be available on UAL Teaching Online from Tuesday 8 September.

Training is available in two ways:

  1. As part of the UAL Digital Learning programme: September dates Further October dates to follow.
  2. Within LCC we can run large group sessions for Schools or Programmes. We don’t have the capacity to run lots of small / individual sessions.

If you have any specific queries that aren’t answered in the guidance material please contact LCC Digital Learning (

Tips on making educational videos

Guidance will be available on UAL Teaching Online from 8 September and you can read our article from March: Effective Educational Videos.

2 thoughts on “Using Panopto for blended learning videos

  • Ian D Fleming

    Are we able to upload commercial movie clips for use in online lessons on our film and TV courses?

    Will those clips run properly in realtime as they do on Stream for example?

    • You are able to upload commercial video clips to Panopto and make them accessible through Moodle. Sharing extracts is much less problematic than sharing the whole feature films, and they also require less bandwidth so they should stream in near realtime. It is also possible to live stream a lecture recording in Panopto, though I don’t know how this would compare with Microsoft Stream.
      Use this link to learn about Panopto Live Streaming:

      We will be publishing a blog post with copyright guidance for sharing commercial audio-visual content in the coming weeks.


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