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Negotiating the complexity of our ethical environment

Staff Development Session: Tuesday 7th July 3.00- 4.00

As part of the LCC Staff development programme Tim Stephens from Arts Education at the Teaching ,Learning and Employability Exchange will host a conversation with staff at LCC based on recent work on ethics at UAL. The session will reflect on the work-related ethical dilemmas you and your students face and the processes of educational ethics.

Experimenting with textures by Sunaina Khandelwal

In this session Tim will introduce the new code of practice on Educational Ethics at UAL which is intended to provide a broad framework for discussions with students on the ethical aspects of their creative practice at BA and MA level, as well as embed wider issues such as sustainability, equality and innovative creative practice in the curriculum. 

This 1-hour session is divided into three parts: a 10-15 min. presentation, followed by break-out group discussions, reconvening for a collective Q+A and feedback where you can contribute your own experiences.

To book onto this event please follow the link below .;a=T/187585MhFV

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