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New UAL Assessment Criteria

The university commissioned a major change project to evaluate the existing eight assessment criteria and to create new criteria that actively support student learning and attainment in an arts context.

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The working group developed five new criteria that communicate to staff and students the successful student learning behaviours, knowledge and skill acquisition that we seek to inculcate. The new assessment criteria are:


Enquiry is active learning & reflection


Knowledge is concerned with learning theories, practice and technologies and finding synergies and connections


Process is the journey of learning


Communication is the sharing of learning with an audience


Realisation is the product of learning

The reduction in the total number of criteria from five to eight has been strongly endorsed by staff and students and makes it easier to map the criteria to learning outcomes and simplifies assessment. Assessment criteria descriptors for each level of study have also been introduced. This change will help to scaffold learning across each year and empower tutors to mark across the grade range at all levels. This supports transition and progression.

The grade descriptor texts have been stripped back and written in a simpler, more consistent way.

The new assessment criteria were approved by Academic Board in March 2019 and will be implemented from September 2019 when the old criteria will be archived.

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