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Survey Season 2022

This year Survey Season will open on January 24th January and run until Friday 18th March. 

This is the annual opportunity for all our students to provide feedback about studying with us.  Although we are continually gathering student feedback, Survey Season represents a significant point in the academic year where we focus on capturing students’ experiences of their whole experience of the college and the university.

We will promote engagement with four surveys:

  • Course Student Survey (previously University Student Survey, USS)
  • National Student Survey (NSS)
  • Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES)
  • Postgraduate Research Survey (PRES)

To reflect students’ experience at course level specifically and to promote engagement from undergraduate students, the University Student Survey (USS) has been renamed Course Student Survey (CSS) for 2022. While the survey covers a wide range of topics beyond the course experience, by engaging with students through their strong relationships to their course and course team, we hope this will lead to an increased response rate.

Please note FE Student Survey will run later in the year, between April 11 and June 3.

Response rates and strategy

We want to achieve high response rates and gather meaningful feedback on all aspects of students’ experience at the college, their on-course experiences but also key support services, learning resources, learning community and student voice. We have a target of 65% response rates in all surveys at all levels and a 70% target for satisfaction rates in the NSS and higher for those courses that have historically done so.

Our strategy at the college is for Course Teams to organise group briefings and completion events as soon as possible once Survey Season launches. There is a Staff and Student Guide to Survey Season to support this work. In addition, there is a student presentation and a new Survey Season film. These are available on Canvas.

As in previous years, there is a simple Survey Season landing page that students will be directed to and where they can complete the surveys.

At LCC we will also run cross-college promotion and pop-up completion events from mid February at the LCC Survey Café that will run from the Place and adjacent studios in the Design Block.

Key Dates

Monday 24 January – Friday 18th March

Course Student Survey (CSS), National Student Survey (NSS)

Tuesday 1 February – Friday 18th March

Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES), Postgraduate Research Survey (PRES)

Monday 11 April – Friday 3 June

Further Education Student Survey (FESS)

For any questions about Survey Seasons, please get in touch with

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