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Assignment Submissions 2023-24

Assignments must be collected online wherever possible. All summative submissions must be through one of these UAL digital learning platforms: Moodle, Turnitin, Workflow, Panopto or Microsoft Office 365.

Submission methods are specified by the course team in the Unit Assignment documents (see our Guide on Teaching and Learning Resources).

The submission tool is created and configured by the PAMs and Programme Administrators.

Assessment feedback tool is now administered by Derron Solomon, Assistant Head of Academic Registry (Assessment and Exam Boards).

Files: Moodle and Turnitin

The majority of assignments can be collected online in Moodle using the Assignment activity or, where similarity checking is required, the Turnitin Assignment activity.

File sizes

The file size requirement should be appropriate to the task rather than automatically specifying the maximum that the chosen digital learning platform supports.

The maximums are: Moodle Assignment: 1GB; Turnitin Feedback Studio Assignment: 1GB



Portfolio: Workflow

Workflow is an online portfolio platform where students can collect and curate images, video and other media; change the layout and visual style.

Workflow pages can be submitted / collected using the Assignment activity in Moodle.

A workflow portfolio size is 2GB and each file no more than 50MB.

Video: Panopto

Video submissions can be collected using the Panopto Student Submission tool. It enables students to submit videos up to 2GBs. Videos will only be submittedto the unit page Panopto area.

Only a video can be submitted using this tool, no supporting documents.

Large Files: SharePoint

Files larger than 1GB can be collected using SharePoint (Microsoft Office 365). Individual files over 2GB cannot be collected online and alternative approaches are required e.g. multiple files or compressed files. SharePoint accepts all file sizes include .ZIP packages.

The SharePoint process for staff and students is more complicated than simple file submissions. We recommend that course teams discuss the use of SharePoint with the LCC Digital Learning team first. See Contact Us.

OneDrive in Microsoft Office 365 should no longer be used.


myblog is a WordPress-based blogging platform that can be used for individual or group blogs or websites.

It is not a submission platform. myblog links can be collected using the Assignment activity in Moodle but myblog pages / sites cannot be locked for editing.

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