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Digital Learning Champion: Improve collaboration with students across different across courses in LCC

Hazel Yeo

What is your Project?

I was inspired to start this project as whenever I walk around LCC, there are many flyers on the bulletin board, of students asking for collaboration for their projects.

This is a digital learning project where I am trying to use online learning to help students collaborate easily for their creative projects.

My project is about how to improve collaboration with students across different courses in LCC in terms of skills sharing, working, or helping one another with their projects. Long term, I will have a platform for students to upload their portfolio so that students can reach out to them for collaboration.

I hope students will be able to help one another to build a cohesive portfolio and at the same time, to be able to connect and make friends outside of their course.

What have you done?

The product for this project is that I have done a toolkit that would be able to help students on how to collaborate effectively and ways in which they can find others to work with for external projects.

For the design of the toolkit, I did research on how other people have done their toolkit in terms of design on websites such as Pinterest and Behance to get inspiration. I have also read up on other schools’ and company’s toolkit to get an idea on the number of pages of a toolkit and the language that is being used.

I have also thought about what kind of content I think is important and useful especially for the freshmen and international students, like me. Such topics I would like to find out more about are how can I find others and working with others for the first time. With that, I started to do my research with my mentor checking in every now and then to ensure that I am on the right track for my tool kit.

After writing up the contents & designing for my toolkit, I decided to do a focus group. The purpose of this focus group is to find out LCC students’ thoughts on how to improve collaboration with students across different across courses in LCC in terms of skills sharing, working/helping one another with their projects. I also have presented them my toolkit draft that I have done to get feedback & insights from those who are seeing it for the first time. There was a Miro board for the participants to fill up the questions about the interactive toolkit.

With the feedback and insights given, I have looked back at the draft and made changes accordingly.

What is your Outcome?

My outcome is a revised version of the toolkit that I have done based on the comments that were given during the focus group.

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