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Preparing for Term / Block 2

A reminder of the essentials for Units starting in Term 2 & Block 2.

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Unit Guides

Ideally, unit guides should be available to students via the Moodle Unit site the week before the unit begins. See Course Organisation for the Template & Guidance.

Moodle Unit Sites

Moodle Unit sites should also be available to students the week before the unit begins. Read the 2019-20 Moodle guidance and then prepare your Moodle Unit site in line with the College templates.

Assignment Briefs

The deadline for Assignments Briefs was 22nd November. The PAMs are working to a deadline of Friday 3rd January to upload them to the Assessment section of the Moodle Unit sites.

Tutor Handbook

The LCC Tutor Handbook is available on the Hub’s Course Organisation page.

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