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Changemaking through 2020-21

Since the last Changemakers update, our student and graduate Changemakers have been busy codeveloping curricula and promoting awareness of inclusive, anti-racist and decolonial practices across LCC and beyond. Scroll down for more details…

Screenshot form the Decolonising the curriculum Value Talk with Changemakers Rachel Williams and Prachee Mashru, October 2020.

In the past academic year, despite the many unexpected setbacks of the pandemic, LCC’s Changemakers have contributed to the reapproval process for fourteen LCC courses and validation process for one new MA course, offering course teams support in developing inclusive, decolonial curricula from the first moment of course design. They have cofacilitated embedded decolonial and anti-racist projects with course tutors and students on BA Design for Art Direction and MA Photojournalism and Documentary Practice. And they’ve also found time to facilitate knowledge activism in the public realm, as part of the Decolonising Wikipedia Network, alongside publishing their own inspiring stories and speaking at public events! You can access some of these online via these links:

Aside from all this valuable work, Changemakers have also been establishing productive relationships with course teams and senior management that future Changemakers can build on. Four Changemakers are also running in the current Student Union Leadership Elections!

When asked to feedback on their work this past year, one Changemaker said:

‘I wholeheartedly believe the work is transformative and the start of a new LCC and educative system’.

The current generation of Changemakers will continue to work with us until the end of this academic year and will help recruit and train LCC’s next generation of Changemakers to start this autumn.

For more information please email Lucy Panesar on: Or the Changemakers directly on:

Lucy Panesar

I work in partnership with students and staff across LCC to enhance educational practice in relation to inclusivity, student continuation and attainment through project leadership, educational development and scholarship, aligned to the priorities of UAL Continuous Monitoring and the Academic Enhancement Model (AEM).

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