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Supporting students’ journeys towards academic success: LCC Academic Support

Academic Support is open to all our students, including pre-degree, undergraduate and postgraduate students. We work with students on their learning development – to enable them to develop as learners, enhance how they study and nurture their creativity.

We offer embedded, integrated learning development workshops to all courses. Each School is supported by a team of Academic Support Lecturers.


Hamish Mèk Chohan – / Shura Joseph-Gruner – / Gem Smith –


Hamish Mèk Chohan – / Helena Walsh – / Jane Madsen –


Rachel Ailey – / Sarah Macdonald –

We also offer ‘Make the Grade’, or dialogues about assessment, to all BA courses. These are assessment-focused interventions that can be adapted depending on unit requirements. More information is available in our guidance for staff. Having run such workshops over several years, we know how they benefit students in terms of how they approach assessment and their academic success.

Peer learning is a core part of our work, which includes Peer Mentoring and Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL). Trained Peer Mentors from each programme work across the three Schools. More information is available on the dedicated Peer Mentoring webpage.

Our programme of open-access workshops can be viewed and booked on Academic Support Online.

Students can also find one-to-one, bespoke support through our onsite and online tutorials, which are available throughout the year. Students book on Academic Support Online.

For further information about LCC Academic Support, please contact one of the team named above, or the Head of Academic Support, Christie Johnson –

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