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LCC Staff Development: Wednesday 20th

Here are todays sessions:

A Moodle-based Escape Room 10:00 – 11:00 – online

You are clearing your Moodle Dashboard of old sites when you notice one you do not remember – The Secret Library. You click in and start scrolling but suddenly your computer screen locks! A haunting message appears in bright, clashing colours… Welcome to the Secret Library. You must fix the accessibility errors in my documents if you ever hope to escape Moodle? Can you solve the mysteries of the site and find a way out? Facilitator: LCC Digital Team Book this event

Erasmus and Staff Mobility 11:00 – 12:00 – online

This briefing session provides information on the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Scheme.
The programme gives you the chance to get to know the workings of another European educational system, gain new ideas and discover best practices to take back to the UK. The language used for most mobilities is English. Two types of mobility can be funded:

1. Staff training for administrative, technical or academic staff, which involves training in a host institution (which may not necessarily be a HE Institution).
2. Staff teaching for academic staff, which involves a period of teaching with a partner institution that has an inter-institutional Erasmus agreement with UAL.

Facilitator: Zafer Sen

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Talking Teaching: What Makes the Perfect Course? 14:00 – 15:30 – online

Similarly Different – an active evaluation

In early 2022, Craig Burston (Design School) and Oswin Tickler (Media School) embarked upon a rebooted and fully revised Similarly Different – their international student led research project that seeks to explore the overlaps and intersections of Undergraduate [graphic] design studies.

This session will function in two parts. In the first half of the session, Craig and Oswin will present their findings from their recent six-part online monthly workshops with students from the LCC and other institutions; what worked, and crucially, what we can learn from what did not. In the second half of the session, they invite you to contribute to the project by applying their workshop methods to explore the question: What Makes The Perfect Course?

Facilitators: Craig Burston and Oswin Tickler
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2nd and 3rd Yr. Leaders Forum 16:00 – 17:00 – online

This forum will be an opportunity for 2nd and 3rd yr. leads to reflect on the past year , share experiences, highlight the successes and examine the challenges you’ve faced . It will also be an opportunity to think about the coming year, identify priorities ,explore potential challenges and identify ways to support each other.

Facilitators: Jason Copley & Adrienne Tulley
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