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Working with students towards racial and climate justice

An update on the LCC Changemakers and Climate Advocates and how they are working with staff to embed racial and climate justice into the curriculum. 

Connections between environmental racism and other social issues by Giulia Forsythe (source: Wikicommons) 

London College of Communication has a long history of working in partnership with students, as Peer Assisted Learning facilitators and Peer Mentors, and since April 2020 as Changemakers, students and graduates employed to codevelop anti-racist and decolonial curricula and teaching practices, in line with UAL’s Anti-Racism Action Plan. Since the spring of 2021, LCC have also employed students as Climate Advocates, to promote environmental awareness and sustainability in curricula and teaching practices, as part of UAL’s climate action work. 

The Changemakers and Climate Advocates are both employed for four hours per week through the academic year and there are nine of each; one Changemaker and one Climate Advocate per LCC programme. The Changemakers are led by Lucy Panesar (Progression and Attainment Project Manager) and the Climate Advocates are led by Nicky Ryan (Dean of Design) and they all work towards their missions in slightly different ways, depending on the needs of the courses in their programmes and opportunities that arise. You can get an idea of the work that Changemakers did through 2020-21 here.  

Whilst the Changemakers and Climate Advocates are employed to work towards different missions, they are acutely aware of the clear connections between racial and climate justice, and the need for us to work towards decolonisation and decarbonisation in unison. On 13 October they met to explore these connections and the opportunities they have to make change at LCC. UAL Quality Assurance processes are offering an important opportunity for both Changemakers and Climate Advocates to influence changes in curricula and teaching practices, from the moment a new course is validated, or as each course goes through the reapproval and course monitoring cycles.  

School  Programme  Changemaker   Climate Advocate  
Design Branding Design & Innovation Veronica Amon  Agata Slomka 
Design Graphic Media Communication Rachel Roland Martins  Deborah Deekae 
Design Illustration Design and Visual Communication Alyasi Alyasi  Sampada Muralidhar   
Media Media and Communications Terena Danner  Charlotte Hull 
Media  Journalism and Publishing Victoria Monari  TBC 
Media  Photography Cassia Clarke  Liv Wood   
Screen  Film and TV Ramneek Kataria  Morgan Williams 
Screen Moving Image and Digital Arts Emilio Wolfgang Gotterbarm Alejandro Martinez   
 Screen Sound and Music Chuky Omo     Will Crosby 

If you would like to find out more or arrange a discussion with a Changemaker or Climate Advocate, please contact: 

Lucy Panesar

I work in partnership with students and staff across LCC to enhance educational practice in relation to inclusivity, student continuation and attainment through project leadership, educational development and scholarship, aligned to the priorities of UAL Continuous Monitoring and the Academic Enhancement Model (AEM).

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