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LCC Academic Support in Term 1

Academic Support is open to all our students, including pre-degree, undergraduate and postgraduate students. We work with students on their academic development – to enable them to develop as learners, enhance how they study and nurture their creativity.


Academic Support will be offered online in Block 1.

If a student has concerns about learning online, we will aim to provide alternative forms of support (for example, email tutorials) and/or additional resources in place of a live online session. It may be possible to arrange a face-to-face tutorial in person according to social distancing guidelines. Email us to find out more.

Our priorities in LCC Academic Support are:

  • Awareness: Ensuring all students and staff know about Academic Support.
  • Access: Ensuring all students have access to appropriate and inclusive Academic Support.
  • Standalone workshops: Bookable workshops to supplement and enhance students’ course-based learning.
  • Peer-assisted learning and peer mentoring: Inspiring students to collaborate as learners and fostering peer mentorship in both formal and informal ways.

Read what students have said about Academic Support.

Academic development areas we work with students on include:

  • Developing confidence as learners
  • Approaches to learning
  • Reading, thinking and writing
  • Academic language
  • Making presentations
  • Collaboration skills
  • Feedback literacy

Read an example of one of our Writing Away Days.

Academic Support Lecturers work with all courses as specialists in academic development who also know about LCC’s subject areas, course structures and other support available to students.

In addition to one-to-one tutorials and workshops, there are open events across UAL and drop-in sessions. All events and activities are advertised on Academic Support Online.

We work alongside colleagues across the College and University to deliver sessions that relate closely to your subject area, assessments or projects. We can facilitate Make the Grade workshops.

We also work with course teams to:

  • Provide support to priority students: If you believe that any of your students would benefit from additional Academic Support, please remind them of our one-to-one tutorials, workshops and online resources. Please let the Academic Support team know so that we can prepare suitable approaches to support.

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