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APT for supporting student progress

At the start of the year I wrote a Hub post introducing course teams to the Academic Progression Tool, a digital, collaborative, monitoring and communication aide for prioritising support to Year 1 students. 

When we went into lock-down I directly contacted course teams to suggest they work with their APT workbooks and the APT team as they go about identifying the support needs of their students in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis.  

An increasing number of undergraduate courses are now using APT for this purpose, working with the APT Administrator Veronica Otero and Student Experience Officer Chris Bryant to keep track of communications with and information from students regarding their current circumstances and needs, and directing students to the most appropriate support and resources.

The APT workbooks are in UAL SharePoint so are more secure than using Google or other third-party platforms and are updated with the latest data on student enrolment and assessment status. Course Teams, Veronica and Chris have also been working with Programme Administrators to adapt APT workbooks for monitoring student’s online engagement, in line with the existing attendance policy and new student guidance on online engagement.  

As well as helping course teams to prioritise support to students in most need right now, APT also collects data that can inform both the course and wider institutional response during this crisis, helping to ensure that students’ increasingly complex circumstances and needs are known about and accommodated, whilst also facilitating collaboration between different departments and services.    

For more information about the Academic Progression Tool contact me, Lucy Panesar (APT Project Manager) on:

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Lucy Panesar

I work in partnership with students and staff across LCC to enhance educational practice in relation to inclusivity, student continuation and attainment through project leadership, educational development and scholarship, aligned to the priorities of UAL Continuous Monitoring and the Academic Enhancement Model (AEM).

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